Chaplin Goes Spanish

This assignment was rather difficult and took a lot of coordinating to get down. However, it was very rewarding once the final product came out and now I can’t wait to attach it to the film itself. Since there was a woman in the film and I am not one, I employed my girlfriend to step in as an extra. I wanted to make this scene more funny than serious so I decided to have my girlfriend speak in Spanish instead of English. Also if you listen the lion does not roar it simply meows.

The hardest part was the coordination of feet actually rather than the dialogue. Since the woman in the scene was on hay I wanted to make it seems as if she was well in hay. So I looked around my apartment to see what would match the sound and I decided to crumble up some paper and movie it around a bit, but it didn’t work. However, I noticed a tupperware container that was holding some rice and decided to give it a try. I think it matched the sound quite well considering the circumstances. I used my own feet for the rest of the foot steps and used a closet door for the door on the lion cage.

It took only about three takes to get it exactly where I wanted it, but I think we did a pretty decent job:

There was not much editing on this track because it was all done in one take. The only thing I had to edit was me clicking the record button and the play button on the video, but other than that the track didn’t require any additional adjustments.

I really can’t wait to put this in with the video next week.

P.S. Do you know what my girlfriend was saying in Spanish?

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