Deer Robs a Bank

Sorry about being a little late to ds106 this week I have just been extremely busy with work. However, now that I have time to play catch up here is my first recording about a deer who decided to rob a bank. It’s short, but I got my inspiration from a real news story of a deer breaking into a liquor store in Massachusetts.

You can always finish the story for me if you would like and do a follow up to my follow up on this fake news story. What happened to the deer?

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2 Responses to Deer Robs a Bank

  1. randis1993 says:

    Haha, I really enjoyed your story! Very comical!

  2. jcook5 says:

    This was a very funny story. I am just unsure what it is linked to. That is the only thing with using creative titles. So maybe you could add some type of tag or create a new category to put certain assignments in. I see as I am giving a few helpful hints I need to do them myself :)

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