Quarter Pounder with 5 Slices of Cheese?

I have to say once again this week is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. It’s about time I break away from the visual and focus more on the audio. This assignment is all about using an accent, but also using it while ordering food at McDonald’s.

When I was a teenager my friends and I would always put on Scottish accents while playing video games. Don’t ask me why, we just did it. Maybe it was because it was fun to have others online believe we were from a different country, just to have our own secret. Of course I realized that I was a little bit rusty with the accent so I needed some Sean Connery inspiration to bring it back. I have to say it did not work out that well considering how good I used to be with putting on a Scottish accent.

Nonetheless, I just imagined some old Scotsman going to America and trying to order some food from McDonald’s. I don’t know why, but I could only imagine the Scot getting angry really fast while trying to order. Believing he was in America the land of the entitled that he could order whatever the hell he wanted, but was completely denied. Well here is my attempt at that a story. One pissed off Scot trying to order at a McDonald’s:

The process was rather simple because it did not call for much equipment, but it did like I said before, pushed me outside my comfort zone. I used QuickTime Player to do an audio recording of myself without any form of editing. I then simply uploaded the material to SoundCloud and there you have it one pissed off Scot.

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