Bacon Quest

This assignment has to be the strangest and corniest one I have done yet, but it is about time I got pushed out of my comfort zone. The assignment was called “Use the Voice” which means the voice of Don LaFontaine, who was best known for his voiceovers in movie trailers. Well I attempted to do the same, but I don’t believe I am anywhere close with Mr. LaFontaine.

The other day I ran out of bacon, which to me is probably one of the worst things that can happen considering I make bacon and eggs just about every morning. So I decided to turn my lack of bacon and the need to go get more into a epic quest of achieving bacon glory. This very low production film would include one man on a journey to find the last amount of bacon on the planet or die trying. Oh and bonus for all you youngsters, it’s rated PG-13. I hope y’all enjoy bacon as much as I do and never run out of the deliciousness that it provides us on a daily basis. Here is to you bacon:

The making of the fake movie trailer voiceover was pretty simple besides the lack of a deep awesome and epic sounding voice like LaFontaine’s. First I wrote a small script, so that I would not forget what to say. I used QuickTime Player to record my voice and uploaded it to Garageband. I was able to separate the dialogue with the deeper voice and the other supposed voices (myself). I then changed the pitch of the deeper voices to about negative four to completely alter my voice. Additionally, this trailer would not have been complete without the use of some sort of bacon. So I decided to add some sizzling Bacon sound, which I downloaded from Pretty simple process, if you have any questions please let me know.

After a few comments from peeps wanting me to show them how to change the pitch of my voice I decided to make a video. Instead of doing screenshots I always find that a video does so much better than typing out the instructions even though it takes longer to put together.

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4 Responses to Bacon Quest

  1. Sarah French says:

    Awesome job – this is so funny!! I really like how you completely changed the pitch of your voice to do this. You could try some screenshots of how you did this in GarageBand, that way other people will be able to learn from how you did it!

  2. Katherine says:

    I think this was Hilarious! I am personally not a fan of bacon but I do understand the running out of something that is considered a necessity! I think it was great!
    You also did a good job explaining what you did and how you did it but I agree with Sarah, I think if you provided screenshots of the steps you did, it might help others out more; I know from experience that pictures can be more helpful than words sometimes. Other than that, Great job!

  3. skasner says:

    I think that is assignment is brilliant! You didn’t sound uncomfortable or hesitant in your recording at all. I think it is great that you turned a personal crisis into something that you could use for this assignment. The detail that you put into it is great. I think it’s great that you decided to use both your voice and a downloaded sound in order to kind of round out the assignment. Great job! You’re explanation is also good in my opinion, I’ve never used GarageBand but I’ve seen it on a couple of other blogs so I’ll keep your comments in mind!

  4. jcook5 says:

    This was so cool! It might just be that I want a late night snack but the bacon cover photo looks so delicious lol. I like the touch of adding an instructional video into the post so that we can see where you learned from.

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