“Crazy” Fiction vs. Nonfiction

So today’s daily create consisted of taking a couple of books with either similar titles or themes and combining the two. Since it was supposed to be a little unusual for the authors to be together I decided to go with Pete Earley’s “Crazy” and Cervantes’s “Don Quixote”, one being nonfiction while the other is completely a fairytale story to an extent. Both of these books fall towards the top of my list. Pete Earley wrote about his son with his ordeal with schizophrenia. “Crazy” is a compelling, emotional, and unusually sobering tale of a fathers journey to find help and peace for his son. While on the fictional note, “Don Quixote” depicts a story of a former nobleman who decides to go on a quest and go back to his roots of chivalry.



A few semesters ago I took a class on the history of the American Mental Healthcare System and learned more than I could have ever imagined about the horrors of the system. However, there is always a lighter side to mental health. Even with all the madness in the world, you can’t help but crack a smile every once and a while and just deal with what we perceive as either fiction or nonfiction. That’s why I believe these two books would make the perfect combination. “Crazy Don Quixote”, two unlikely authors separated by hundreds of years can come together and write one smashing book detailing how society has always seen those like Early’s son or Don Quixote…purely crazy.

I would recommend either of these books to anyone and everyone, definitely they are both a must read!

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  1. Very good story and mash of your own experience and education.

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