Splash the Egg?

So for my first attempt at a visual assignment I decided to do the “Splash the Color” assignment. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to splash so I looked around my apartment to find some colorful objects. I also looked at all the previous submissions from others and noticed a lot of the same material (cough…flowers) and I wanted to do something a little different.

I first noticed two vibrant towels hanging from the bathroom, one being green and the other orange. I took a picture with my handy dandy picture taker and did some editing in photoshop and….


However, I was not completely satisfied and I was also hungry, so I decided to make some food and take another picture. Bacon and eggs being my favorite breakfast, I took a picture of them while I was cooking and came up with the following image….


Ehhh its ok for what it is…an egg. I personally like the towel, but the more I look at the egg the better it gets. I don’t know you decide.




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8 Responses to Splash the Egg?

  1. Randi Crabbe says:

    The egg is definitely my favorite. It looks like a painting, great job!

  2. Frederick says:

    Now I am hungry hearing the sizzling with my eyes. That was a really neat picture. More impressive were the share this tabs. I need to learn how to add this to my site.

  3. umwdoug says:

    I like the towel one too!

  4. admin says:

    I couldn’t get the proper lighting on the egg, so maybe that’s why I don’t like it as much as the towel.

  5. The egg is great. Put more detail in how you actually did it, add screen shots of the steps you took and if you can edit the screenshots with text about what you selected.

  6. mdvfunes says:

    Well, I think both show great skill and an eye for colour. I am particularly struck by the clarity of you tutorial, it will help me hugely with Photoshop and as I am in the process of trying to do my first tutorial screencast to show how to make an animated gif from film – this will help me a lot. A few days ago I tried to do it the screencast at the same time as creating the artefact. I messed up both! Note to self: make the thing, then do it again for tutorial :) My favourite is the towel because I have seen the narration of your process through the screencast. I really value that.

    I am the DS106 Shrink in DS106 open :) come and see us at our own hashtag for the summer #burgeron106 where we are doing our own version of DS106 just for fun weaving a summer story.

    Good luck with UMW14! Look forward to more learning from you.

  7. pamelacpa says:

    I love them both. But personally the egg is my favorite. It looks really cool.

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