Survivor ds106: Week Four (Barely)

Man what an ending to such a great week worth of assignments. I have to say this week did not go as well as expected mainly because of a crap load of computer malfunctions. For whatever reason my computer decided to go haywire this week, which not only disrupted my school work, but my actual work as well and now I am way behind schedule. However, all seems to be well now that the week is over of course. My Macbook has finally started to cooperate with me once more. It was almost like getting in a huge fight in a relationship and contemplating about separating, but we reconciled and made up for lost time by getting all my assignments turned in for better or worse. Now we just have to stick it out for four more days.

All the assignments I tackled this week were a lot of fun. The one that stood out to me the most was surprisingly the “Speed up your work day” assignment. I don’t know why, but the simplicity of the assignment and the capturing of ds106 in progress just really lifted my spirits after a week of frustration. Just watching the video brings a sense of euphoria and a feeling of a great accomplishment after overcoming so much technological dismay. The other assignments were great on their own terms and should not be dismissed, but this one was my favorite of video week.

Next week most certainly will be trying with the final project ahead of us, but I think I have a few ideas that might work as long as my computer decides to work with and not against me. Well here are all my assignments! Enjoy:

Daily Creates:

TDC 919: Immortality

TDC 922: Good Bye Cow

TDC 921: Inside Looking Out

TDC 923: Create Daily


Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze.

Video Assignments:

Vine it!

40 Minutes of ds106 in 1 Minute

Chaplin: Escape from Animal Planet


Make a Gif Using Photoshop

Create an Assignment:

Animate a Classic Painting

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  1. yharvey2013 says:

    I am happy you got to submit all of your assignments on time. I definitely understand the challenge with the computer malfunctions. With all this downloading all of these different types of software is not helping either. I will had some issues with the Foley assignment and that put me behind. I am not good at creating these videos especially the audio part. I can get the entire video portion in, but the audio part is a challenge for me. I am glad you are in a good place in your relationship. Congratulations on surviving week four. :)

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