Make a GIF using Photoshop

So I have made a tutorial on making an animated GIF using GIMP, so now I decided to show you how to make one using Photoshop! You get the best of both worlds. I have grown accustomed to using Photoshop and most certainly enjoy it more than GIMP, however, GIMP will always have a specially place in my heart because that is what I started with when editing images. Nonetheless, Photoshop offers so much more and usually produces much higher quality work. This is a simple short tutorial without the added information of image editing or turning video into a GIF. More or less it is a way to show viewers how a GIF actually works at its most basic form. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask, especially if you don’t understand something in the video below.

Also, if you are wondering how I was able to make this tutorial I used Quicktime Player by doing a screencast and recording audio simultaneously. When using Quicktime Player press File>New Audio Recording then press File>New Screen Recording. Press record on both and begin making your tutorial.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.29.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.30.09 PM Then I simply mashed the audio and video together using Garageband and uploaded the video to Youtube. There is little editing required when making these types of videos unless it is extremely long and elaborate. However, I don’t believe tutorials should be terribly long unless it actually takes that long for the process. Keeping it short, sweet, and to the point will keep everyone satisfied because not trying to sound harsh, but you won’t waste their time. I hate when tutorialers have to explain their life story when I just want to find out how a simple process works. So, if you find I am being a hypocrite please let me know!

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Animate a Classic Painting

I absolutely love making GIFs, so I decided that it would be appropriate to make an AnimatedGIF Assignment. I kind of wish this assignment could also fall under two categories, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. You can find the assignment here and all you have to do is turn a classic painting into an animated GIF like the one I made below.


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Shot Reverse Shot- Uniquely Done in Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino is unlike any other director that has ever existed. Though his films can be quite gruesome his directing is near genius if watched carefully and closely. For instance watch this clip from his debut film Reservoir Dogs:


Watching the clip on silent can show how and why the director made certain choices in filming in a particular way. Here Tarantino decided to make a unique editing choice on using the shot reverse shot technique. Usually this technique is used when two characters are having a conversation by filming the one talking. However, in this case there are more than one actor and they are not all sitting across from one another, instead they are sitting at a round table. One easy way of filming a group of individuals having a conversation is either to do it from one perspective of a person or show the group in one shot. Tarantino on the other hand decided to use multiple perspectives by filming over the shoulder of each character pointing towards the one speaking at the moment. This action to me seems more natural than capturing the conversation from a distance. If you were sitting at a round table with a group having a conversation you are more than likely going to be staring at the person speaking than the entire group or a person who is not speaking. Doing an over the shoulder shot also allow the audience to remain the audience rather than having a POV shot.

Just listening to the dialogue in the film without watching also offers a unique perspective on the clip. Tarantino is able to make us imagine looking directly at the individual talking like we would in a normal conversation. This is perhaps why he chose to capture this scene in such a way because as I said before it is more natural. Without looking we know there is a group of individuals holding a conversation in close proximity of each other. We don’t imagine looking over the group and even if we did our head would be facing the individual speaking. Had I closed my eyes before seeing the scene this is how I would imagine it being shot, and would have been very surprised if it was not filmed in this manner.

Watching the scene with sound shows just how fluid the conversation really is with the actors seeming more natural than actually watching a movie. It really allows the audience to place themselves within the conversation rather than just watching it unfold. The shot reverse shot from different shoulders as I said before is the perfect way to film a round table discussion even if its over talking about tipping a waitress. Filming in any other way would have been off putting and would not have been a great way to start watching a film. All in all Tarantino did an excellent job at capturing the moment rather than the scene.

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I took a film class a few semesters ago and ever since then I have never looked at film the same way. By no means does that make me an expert on film, but my girlfriend sure does find it annoying sometimes to watch movies together. That being said I agree and disagree with Roger Ebert’s argument. He presents a valid argument, but as he states that it is not a definitive action and are more of tendencies more or less. However, movement and placement of characters most certainly invoke some sort of emotion, which is what I agree with Ebert on the most. Though movement and placement are not exactly what makes a film a film. The “shot at a time” analysis of a film is an excellent way to see how these actions play on our emotions, but I feel as if they are more circumstantial than what Ebert intended to argue, which he continuously states throughout his essay. While the placement of characters is an important part of cinematography placement of the camera is where the real emotion takes place. The right or wrong emotion comes from where the camera lays and what angle it shoots from regardless of the placement of characters, especially from left to right.

I know we were only suppose to go through two of the videos on perspective, but I decided to go through most of them because I enjoy it so much.  The two that stood out most to me were Stanley Kubrick’s and Quentin Tarantino’s use of the camera, one being low angle and the other being the one point perspective. Personally, Tarantino is my favorite director. I have watched every single one of his films to many times to even count and a few semesters ago I did a project on Inglourious BasterdsThe way both Tarantino and Kubrick deploy their cameras, rather than their actors, is what gives their films certain emotions. Tarantino with his low angles gives his actors a great sense of power and control, while Kubrick’s one point perspective enhances the focus on any character in the shot, which also enhances the pure emotions they display whether it be anger, happiness, or fear. However, where Ebert’s argument comes into play is after the placement of the camera. What I mean by that is after the camera is set the placement of characters is vital to keep the emotion flowing continuously rather than awkwardly. For instance take a look at this shot from Kubrick’s The Shining:

giphyJack Nicholson is perfectly center on the screen and the camera is a straight on still shot giving the one point perspective. Imagine if the actor was placed either to the left or to the right rather than straight on at the camera. It would give off an entirely different effect and emotion and the acting probably wouldn’t be taken as serious. Then again had the actor not portrayed the character in such a way and he was sitting motionless to the left or to the right the effect would more than likely give off the same feeling of insanity because of the movie as a whole.

I think the only way to test if Ebert’s argument is correct is to take a film you have never heard about and watch the film by pausing for every shot write down what you feel and see (while on silent) and then watch the film in its entirety afterwards and see if you were right or if the film gave off an entirely different vibe. While character placement and perspective is important in analyzing a film it is far from an end all way of critiquing a film. Also, when Ebert continuously reasserts that his argument is not an end all notion I have my doubts that it works that way in most situations and believe that again the placement and perspective of characters is more circumstantial.

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Survivor ds106: Week 3

Daily Creates:

TDC 912: Banana Eating a Strawberry

TDC 914: Vintage

TDC 915: Great Tasting Food

TDC 917: Pink

Audio Assignments:

Deer Robs a Bank

Ship Caught in Storm

Quarter Pounder with 5 Slices of Cheese?

Bacon Quest

Sound Foley

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Chaplin Goes Spanish

This assignment was rather difficult and took a lot of coordinating to get down. However, it was very rewarding once the final product came out and now I can’t wait to attach it to the film itself. Since there was a woman in the film and I am not one, I employed my girlfriend to step in as an extra. I wanted to make this scene more funny than serious so I decided to have my girlfriend speak in Spanish instead of English. Also if you listen the lion does not roar it simply meows.

The hardest part was the coordination of feet actually rather than the dialogue. Since the woman in the scene was on hay I wanted to make it seems as if she was well in hay. So I looked around my apartment to see what would match the sound and I decided to crumble up some paper and movie it around a bit, but it didn’t work. However, I noticed a tupperware container that was holding some rice and decided to give it a try. I think it matched the sound quite well considering the circumstances. I used my own feet for the rest of the foot steps and used a closet door for the door on the lion cage.

It took only about three takes to get it exactly where I wanted it, but I think we did a pretty decent job:

There was not much editing on this track because it was all done in one take. The only thing I had to edit was me clicking the record button and the play button on the video, but other than that the track didn’t require any additional adjustments.

I really can’t wait to put this in with the video next week.

P.S. Do you know what my girlfriend was saying in Spanish?

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Quarter Pounder with 5 Slices of Cheese?

I have to say once again this week is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. It’s about time I break away from the visual and focus more on the audio. This assignment is all about using an accent, but also using it while ordering food at McDonald’s.

When I was a teenager my friends and I would always put on Scottish accents while playing video games. Don’t ask me why, we just did it. Maybe it was because it was fun to have others online believe we were from a different country, just to have our own secret. Of course I realized that I was a little bit rusty with the accent so I needed some Sean Connery inspiration to bring it back. I have to say it did not work out that well considering how good I used to be with putting on a Scottish accent.

Nonetheless, I just imagined some old Scotsman going to America and trying to order some food from McDonald’s. I don’t know why, but I could only imagine the Scot getting angry really fast while trying to order. Believing he was in America the land of the entitled that he could order whatever the hell he wanted, but was completely denied. Well here is my attempt at that a story. One pissed off Scot trying to order at a McDonald’s:

The process was rather simple because it did not call for much equipment, but it did like I said before, pushed me outside my comfort zone. I used QuickTime Player to do an audio recording of myself without any form of editing. I then simply uploaded the material to SoundCloud and there you have it one pissed off Scot.

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Bacon Quest

This assignment has to be the strangest and corniest one I have done yet, but it is about time I got pushed out of my comfort zone. The assignment was called “Use the Voice” which means the voice of Don LaFontaine, who was best known for his voiceovers in movie trailers. Well I attempted to do the same, but I don’t believe I am anywhere close with Mr. LaFontaine.

The other day I ran out of bacon, which to me is probably one of the worst things that can happen considering I make bacon and eggs just about every morning. So I decided to turn my lack of bacon and the need to go get more into a epic quest of achieving bacon glory. This very low production film would include one man on a journey to find the last amount of bacon on the planet or die trying. Oh and bonus for all you youngsters, it’s rated PG-13. I hope y’all enjoy bacon as much as I do and never run out of the deliciousness that it provides us on a daily basis. Here is to you bacon:

The making of the fake movie trailer voiceover was pretty simple besides the lack of a deep awesome and epic sounding voice like LaFontaine’s. First I wrote a small script, so that I would not forget what to say. I used QuickTime Player to record my voice and uploaded it to Garageband. I was able to separate the dialogue with the deeper voice and the other supposed voices (myself). I then changed the pitch of the deeper voices to about negative four to completely alter my voice. Additionally, this trailer would not have been complete without the use of some sort of bacon. So I decided to add some sizzling Bacon sound, which I downloaded from Pretty simple process, if you have any questions please let me know.

After a few comments from peeps wanting me to show them how to change the pitch of my voice I decided to make a video. Instead of doing screenshots I always find that a video does so much better than typing out the instructions even though it takes longer to put together.

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Ship Caught in a Storm

All the men are below deck as they wait as they nervously wait out this midnight storm. In the middle of the Atlantic with no help for thousands of miles the men sit quietly in patience. They done this dozens of times throughout the duration of their journey trying to make they’re way back to England. Each man is scared, but won’t show their true face to the vicious storm as they know showing even an ounce of weakness mother nature she will strike you down. The storm never seems to end as the night passes as one sailer knows tomorrow may never come. He thinks of them never making it home leaving his family to wonder what happened to the ship. If they were to sink the last sound ever heard would be the ships bell with no one left to remember it ringing.

I love the water, ships, and storms, so why not combine all three to make a great story about them all? Storms can be fierce, but majestic at the same time. I love when they come around because the challenge they bring between us and mother nature. Riding out a storm whether at sea or on land can be exhilarating, but dangerous. Combining these sounds brings those feels together and allows us to imagine being stuck at sea in the middle of a monstrous storm. If that doesn’t give you chills then I don’t know what will.

The process was rather simple. I used freesound and Garageband to make the track. Stacking the audio allowed all five sounds to play and record simultaneously making a sweet combination. These are the five sounds that I used:


Ship in storm


Ship Bell

Ocean wave

Ship Creak

I have used Garageband a few times in the past before, but not on a regular basis simply because I don’t usually just use audio. However, this assignment in particular was a lot of fun combing all the different sounds to make a story. Again I just stacked the audio recordings so they could play simultaneously. Additionally, for a few of the recordings like the thunder and ocean wave I had to copy and paste the recording several times to make it repeat themselves throughout the duration of the track.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 1.43.45 PM

I hope you guys enjoyed this sound story, let me know if you have any questions or just leave some comments below.

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Deer Robs a Bank

Sorry about being a little late to ds106 this week I have just been extremely busy with work. However, now that I have time to play catch up here is my first recording about a deer who decided to rob a bank. It’s short, but I got my inspiration from a real news story of a deer breaking into a liquor store in Massachusetts.

You can always finish the story for me if you would like and do a follow up to my follow up on this fake news story. What happened to the deer?

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