Vine It! ds106 Sunday

I have been watching vines for some time now, but I have never had the app. Some the vines can be drop dead hilarious, whilst others are far from anything clever. Making a vine is actually simple especially if you are from my generation you will be able to catch on quickly. When I saw this assignment I had to try it for myself. Why not become part of something you enjoy, right? The assignment calls to record your day through ds106. So, I decided to record my ds106 Sunday to walk you through my day from eating breakfast, to lunch, and completing some awesome ds106 assignments.

The first thing I did this morning as soon I as woke up was went to the kitchen made my coffee and started making some delicious ass french toast. Considering most of my day would consist of doing ds106 work I needed the extra calories. As I started to edit some of the video I was working on and as the day past I once again became hungry. So I made some spicy chicken with some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, which turned into a delicious meal and continued working. Refueled and ready to go and after some major software malfunctions I am still kicking right through it. Without further adieu here is my first attempt at a vine, enjoy:

I think after doing this assignment I will be more prompted to participate in vining (if that’s a word). Six seconds is not a lot of time to be creative, but I think that is what is so challenging about Vine. Some people really push themselves to be creative in that short period and have a lot of success. Maybe me doing this assignment will prompt you to go check out the cool free app and see what other viners (don’t know if that’s a word either) are up to today!

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3 Responses to Vine It! ds106 Sunday

  1. umwdoug says:

    So you got into Vine! How did you like it? I thought this would be a cool assignment, but I read about it only a few hours ago and didn’t have footage from breakfast etc.

    The French Toast looks awesome. Makes me want french toast…hmmm…

  2. Sarah French says:

    Your vine made me hungry!! My day went a lot like yours – eating and working on assignments. Great post – the only thing I would add is a little more detail on how you took the Vine and also embedded in the post, just in case it helps someone else out!

  3. david says:

    Cool, it looks like a .GIF with audio and reminds me of that 4-icon design assignment, except with video. It definitely told the story you wanted it to.

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